Horizon Report K-12

Sep 192018

The education systems of different nations are advancing to more practical levels where students engage with themselves and may not require instructors. The article, ‘rethinking how school works present a comparison between students of the 21st century and those of the early years. This article suggests that it is a time that the government and other stakeholders in education remodeled to the current education system to suit the changes and needs of the current bunch of scholars

The author of this piece also presented several implications of remodeling schooling systems for leadership, policy, and practice. The examples provided included a case study of the Norway, Finland, Sweden and the United States. In a nutshell, it is unfair to invest in an outdated education system and end up changing a job more than four times, yet the new crop of students has a potential of being better entrepreneurs.

This piece presents facts of the current education system. I believe that rethinking about the functionality issues of the running of schools needs to be done so that the potential skills of the students are not suppressed.

The literary piece “Students as Creators,” talks about the innovative aspects of education created by students. The author of this article begins by providing the findings of research that was conducted in 43 Turkish schools. The outcome of this study was that as teachers define characteristics and share responsibilities between principles, students find creative means of exploring such as the use of mobile app as an educative platform.

This piece was educating and highlighted on an ideal classroom in the 21st century. Students are vast with the technological changes than their instructors. Therefore, students are not only the biggest creators of mobile application and other learning technologies but also the designers of their destinies.

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