Dear Constituent,

Issues, stands and plans are being researched, developed and finalized. Should you wish to provide input on issues important to you, your organization and/or your constituency, please click on CONTACT on the menu bar and provide comments.

 The following are my current AREAS of FOCUS:

There are a lot of challenges that everyday people are dealing with and understand it. I am committed to doing my part. It’s about our kids, it’s about our young adults, it’s about families, it’s about those that want a fair chance, its our businesses. It’s about the community.

Jobs and Economic Development

I am focusing on saving and creating jobs for our community and promoting economic development.

I know that small businesses create the majority of jobs and I will fight to keep small and medium sized businesses in the District, and I will fight to create and bring businesses into the area. I also will work with banks and others that finance startup businesses and get them to support people in the neighborhood who have a good idea and want to start a business.

I’ll also work with business owners to get them to take advantage of some tax incentives that benefit them if they hire a few more employees.

I’ll work to direct dollars to social services organizations that work to prepare individuals for the job market.


I am focusing on Education.

I understand the importance of a quality education for our children and for our adults. I want to be a strong supporter of improving our schools, keeping them open, and ensuring that schools and our kids have the right resources like computers and up-to-date books.


I am focused on protecting and supporting our Seniors.

Our Seniors are the ones that paved the way for us. I will be a strong advocate for Seniors, ensuring that they receive the care and support they deserve and push legislation that protects their interests.

Youth and Young Adults 

I am focused on protecting and supporting our Youth.

The Youth are our future. I want to create a Youth agenda. An agenda that creates opportunities for our kids and young adults to have a brighter future. Sometimes we think only the worst about our kids. But they need our help and I will find ways to create opportunities for those that are interested in doing better.

Public Safety 

I want to focus on Public Safety – Protecting our Neighborhoods.

Safety is something I hear a lot about. People want to be free to come and go around their neighborhood without fear. Kids want to go to and from School without fear. I want to work on strengthening the laws that protect us and work with other local officials like our aldermen to ensure our neighborhoods get a fair amount of policing and that the police are there to protect us.

  5 Responses to “Issues”

  1. Dear Mr. Derrick Smith;

    I am a homeowner in the 24th ward and my main concerns are. The banded building located on the very corner of 4600 block of Adams St, where it’s become a haven for drug trafficking. My second concern is the Prostitution on monroe and by the viaduct.

  2. Hey State Representative Derrick Smith,

    I am a constituent of the 10th district and would like to know how much did Orr Academy High School receive budget cut by? Also I want to know if you are supporting the TIF Surplus to go into these underrepresented schools not only being low funded but receiving a budget cut.

  3. We are homeowners in District 10 and as we perused the Issues State Representative Smith listed on this website, we were saddened to see the omission of discussion around The Equality in Marriage Bill which will soon come before our State Representatives for a vote. My partner and I have been together for 22years. In that time we have feared the inability to protect one another and our accomplishments from inclement times and circumstances on more than one occasion.
    I will not begin to list the stories of GLBTQ people who have faced discrimination as couples, as parents and as individuals. These are too numerous to recount. But I will say that all of these infractions were illegal infractions of our civil liberties’ in the state of Illinois The State of Illinois professes non-discriminatory laws and practices. This is the most civil liberty, perhaps because it is so far reaching. The right to marry and protect our families is the most basic civil right a State should protect for all it’s inhabitants. It’s just that simple. No public body should be able to tell you who you should choose to love, who your family should be and who you can marry. No public body should be silent, when any of those rights are violated. A wise person once said, about the outcome of his discernment on this subject “None of us are free, until all of us are free. That about sums it up.

    In a recent meeting with State representative Smith, he made the statement that he would vote on the Marriage Equality Bill, as his constituents demanded. District 10 has been canvassed by the Marriage Equality people and they are finding overwhelming support. Over 600 constituent cards signed by all of you were delivered to his office, so we know people of good faith are for this. We demand that State Representative Smith vote “Yes.” What about you?

  4. As both a resident and a wedding industry professional in IL 10th District, I was hoping to see you vote “yes” for marriage equality today. Your “present” vote will not go unnoticed in our very progressive district. You will not receive my vote in the next election. You did NOT proudly stand up for equality, against discrimination, against separation of church and state, and progressive values that make up the viewpoint of the majority of citizens and businesses in the 10th District. If you are not proud to represent a progressive and diverse district that does not favor putting religious prejudices over civil rights, then please do not run to represent this district. Perhaps try to run for election in a more conservative district that shares your viewpoint. The people in our district deserve to be represented by someone that truly shares the progressive views and values of our community.

  5. Dear “Representative” Smith –

    You indicated earlier that you would vote as your constituents demanded on the gay marriage bill. Rather, you voted “Present” and chose to take no position on the issue. What a cowardly position to take. Gay marriage passed, in the same manner (though without the overwhelming vote) that you were voted out of the House of Representatives. 100 members of the House voted you out. For whatever reason, you were reelected. We await the verdict on your federal bribery charge. It is rather bold of you to sit silent with regard to others’ rights while you await your own fate. I sent you a message regarding the fate of my family and my marriage and, not surprisingly received no response and no vote to support your constituent. Without your support, I have won and will be married to my husband next year (we have already enjoyed marriage for 3 years). I have no words other than to say that we are disappointed in your “representation”. A present vote shows that you are not committed to civil rights or bettering the lives of those around you.

    I respect people’s opinions on this important issue. The fact that you chose to take neither side is less respectable than taking a side. I will proceed with my very happy life with my family and my husband and friends. It seems as though you have placed yourself in a predicament where your own civil liberties might be compromised, but that was a decision that you made of your own choosing. The coming years will show whether we have each fulfilled our roles as contributors to society. That you ignored the important message from Margarita and Beth (above) and my plea to you as our representative is telling of your role as our representative. Your vote of “present” shows that you have represented nobody.

    While we are occupied improving the lives of our most significant others, our families and our friends, it appears that you are preoccupied with accepting money in a very untoward way — we will see whether this is in fact true in a court of law. I would suggest that you divert your activities to more important and noble causes.

    Your Disappointed Constituent.


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