The Most Efficient Ways To Learn A Language

Jan 232019

Each of us is fluent in one specific language. While that's enough to get you a career or help you communicate with other people, learning a second language offers more perks.

For one, it opens up tons of new career opportunities. It gives your brain a boost, and it helps establish a deeper connection with other cultures. Plus, it enables you to be a smart tourist in case you decide to travel to another country.

Learning a second language, however, isn't as easy as it sounds but it can definitely be done. And below, we're sharing with you some great tips on how to learn a foreign language fast.

Know your learning goals

Commitment is one thing you need when it comes to mastering a second language, you need to be focused on the things that motivate you. Whether you are planning on getting a new job or visiting another country, you need to know your reasons for learning a second language. It'll help you stay focused on your goal.

It important to set a clear goal before you determine what language skills you need the most. For example, if you'll be meeting with other people for a conference, listening should be a priority. If you are going on a trip to market your products or services, you need to improve your speaking skills.

Choose the Right Materials and Methods

After you’ve established a clear goal, it’s time to consider what your learning style is. If you are a visual learner, you'll learn fast with flashcards and lists. If you happen to be a kinesthetic learner, then you should consider acting out and talking. In case you are an auditory learner, you can listen to radio or audiobooks.

If you can't seem to decide which material or style to use, it's a good idea to look for a teacher. You can take a private course or tutor, particularly in you need to master a second language quickly.

Focus on Vocabulary

While grammar is important, try to focus on vocabulary more, mainly if you want to make the most progress in the shortest possible time.

With that, try to learn the language's most common vocabulary as they can help you achieve a meaningful interaction with other people. Remember, it's more important to get your message across

Now, that doesn't mean that grammar isn't necessary. You also have to pay attention to it, such as tenses, especially when you're trying to tell a story.

Expose Yourself to The Language

You don't necessarily have to travel to a foreign country before you can start learning its language. With today's technology, you'll find tons of ways to expose yourself to the language without leaving your home.

You can watch videos on YouTube or listen to podcasts. Read magazines, newspapers, short stories, blogs, and biographies of natives.


After learning a new word or sentence, repeat it a couple of times to let it stick into your memory. The more you repeat something, the more you'll remember it.

Since repetition can get a bit boring, try to play with it. You can use mnemonics or associate the word with something you'll easily remember. It can be something that's funny or memorable for you.

Don't Be Afraid of Mistakes

You can't really master a foreign language overnight. If you remember, you didn’t master the English language the minute you learned your first word.

With that said, don’t feel discouraged by your mistakes. Instead, try to use them as a guide. And if you are having a hard time, remember to take a break and take things slowly. Don’t push yourself too hard. The minute that you do, you’ll just feel frustrated, and that won’t help you achieve your goal.

Check Your Progress

Evaluating your progress will let you know if you are meeting your goals or you need to make changes in your process. Plus, it's also an excellent way to motivate yourself. Furthermore, you never know, learning this new language could be the path towards a refreshing career change. Translation agencies are always looking for talented professionals, you can look up the best translation website on PickWriters, where you can apply for a job.

One way to measure your progress is to test yourself. Track how many words you've mastered or how fast you can translate a word. You can also ask a friend to help you out. Start a Skype conversation and see how well you can hold a conversation in a foreign language.

After your conversation, ask for feedback. Knowing what areas you need to work on can help you fine-tune your strategy.


Learning a foreign language can open doors of new opportunities for you. Whether it’s related to your career or trying out your luck in a different country, being able to speak another language is just great.

The process, unfortunately, isn’t that easy. However, with the right mindset and guide, you should be able to do it in no time. Also, don’t forget to have fun and explore. As long as you are enjoying what you’re doing, you shouldn’t find the process daunting.

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